Vegyoza is a name from Vegetables and Gyoza.

I am originally from Taiwan where enriched with food culture from China, HK, Japan, Korea and its own local recipe.

When I work in Zurich since 5 years ago, I am always searching  foods integrated with western and eastern culture.  It comes to my mind about dumplings which comprise with skin made of dough and filling with different ingredients, which is also called “Ravioli”
  in Italian cuisine and called “Momo” in Tibetan cuisine . Moreover, It’s also a type of “Dim sum” in HK dishes.  In Japan, people pan fry dumplings called “Gyoza”.

After working many years around different countries, I decided to set up my own flavours of dumplings adopt to local ingredients and bring one of healthy foods to share with friends and people around. 

My first vegan dumplings : Veggie Symphony > this name was inspired by orchestra, a music composed with many instruments. It’s like I keep trying with many plant-based vegetables until I found the flavours surprised by taste buds. It contains 7 vegetables in one which supply the essential fibre with balanced nutritions for one of your daily meals.

Moreover, I also create my own recipe of traditional Korean cuisine “vegan Kimchi“. Since the original kimchi recipe is not vegan but with fish sauce and shrimp, I developed with plant-based ingredients plus “Apple” to ferment Napa cabbage without any preservative.  The magic happened, it tastes still the same as original Kimchi and even more crunchy.

All the dishes I created are in the mindset of healthy, natural and convenient. The process of quick freezing preserves the freshness of ingredients which allowed you to keep our dumplings in freezer for 3 months. With my cooking instructions, you could have dumplings ready to serve in 7 minutes from frozen which brings you the convenience and easily have the same quality food of restaurant.

My vegan kimchi also developed in the way to save your time for prepare a meal. You could eat it over a piece of bread, or simply topping over salad, rice, noodle and pasta.  The process of fermenting allow you to keep my kimchi for 3 months even it’s not preservatives added.  The amazing benefits of Kimchi contains healthy bacteria and probiotics for your digestive system and lowers cholesterol levels. Try it now

Feel free to contact me :  info@vegyoza.com